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**Please visit our Policies page for information on booking and appointments**

Consultation - FREE

A consultation is included at the beginning of all appointments, since we have to draw and discuss color before beginning the procedure.

Clients who are uncertain on whether permanent makeup is right for them are welcome to book a free 30 minute consultation.

We currently are not taking deposits for consultations but if you 'No Show' on your consult appointment, we will require a $25 deposit before allowing you to reschedule. The deposit will be applied to your procedure should you decide to book. There are no exceptions.

Topical Anesthetic - FREE

All procedures include topical anesthetic.

Local Anesthetic - $50

Available for lip procedures and will make the procedure area 100% numb instantly.

Optional: $10 for laughing gas




Special Requests

Correction - Varies

We specialize in correction work and have fixed everything including unflattering shapes and poor color.  

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Touch Up

2-Month Follow-up - $50

No charge if nothing is needed.

Up to 2 Years - $175

2 to 3 Years - $275

3 to 4 Years - $375

4+ Years- $400

Please note that a procedure is only considered a touchup if it was done by Marion or Rima. If it was done by someone else, we must consider it a new procedure/correction.

K-12  Oklahoma Teacher Discount

$50 off $450 new procedure(s), $25 off $350 new procedure(s)

Must show proof of employment

Solid Brows - $450

Full color, similar to soft pencil or brow powder. Longest lasting result. Touch ups recommended in 1-4 years. 

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Full Liner w/Lash Enhancement - $450

Very thick eyeliner may incur an additional charge.

Eyelash enhancement is a fine line in between your lashes. It gives the appearance of a fuller, thicker lash line in addition to preventing the top eyeliner from looking like it's "floating above" the eyes. Some may consider this an extra procedure but for us, we want our eyeliner to pop so it is always included with every eyeliner!

Top Only Liner w/Lash Enhacement - $350

Very thick eyeliner may incur an additional charge.

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Lip Liner - $350

We prefer to blend lipliners for a more soft and natural look, no matter the desired color. This procedure is best for clients who have a good base color but just need more definition. We custom blend all our colors, so anything from natural to dramatic we can do!

Lip Blend - $450

Marion’s creation and our most popular lip procedure! It’s in-between liner and full lips so the result appears like you have liner, lipstick and a highlight without any work. This is best for clients who have pale lips or desire a pigmented result. We custom blend all our colors, so anything from natural to dramatic we can do!

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