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Before the Procedure

It is equally as important to have a properly prepped canvas as it is to have an amazing artist. Your face is the canvas and we want the best results possible for you.  So to help prepare our clients for their appointment, we've compiled the information below.  We know it sounds like a lot, but proper care before your procedure is crucial to optimum pigment retention. 


  • 6 weeks before- No peels/lasers around the procedure area

  • 5 weeks before- Do not use Latisse, GrandeBrow or other hair growth products on your brows (if getting brows done) or eyelashes (if getting eyeliner done). Resume using 3 weeks after the procedure date.

  • 4 weeks before- Stay out of direct sun for prolonged periods. Having sunburned or very tanned skin will significantly reduce your pigment retention.

  • 2 weeks before- No Botox (if getting brows or eyeliner)

  • 1 week before- Discontinue taking fish oil, vitamin E supplements or other blood thinners UNLESS instructed by your physician. When in doubt, ask your physician. 

  • We do not do permanent makeup on women who are pregnant. If you find out you are, please call and we will refund your deposit until you can reschedule.

  • If you are prone to fever blisters/cold sores or just want to take the extra precaution, contact your doctor for a prescription of Valtrex and follow his/her instructions. 

  • You must wait 1 year after discontinuing Accutane before getting permanent makeup.

  • If you have a heart condition or prosthetics and take antibiotics before any invasive procedure, please take antibiotics prior to having permanent makeup done.

  • If you are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, please consult with your physician
    for approval.

  • If you have any medical issue/concern, please consult with your physician to confirm permanent makeup is right for you.

  • To reduce swelling and bruising you can try homeopathic remedies like eating fresh pineapple and/or taking arnica montana.

  • If you smoke, are diabetic or have an auto-immune disorder, be prepared to heal slower.

  • It takes approximately 10 days for your procedure to heal and the pigment to settle. During that time stay out of the sun, do not exercise or engage in any activity that causes your face to turn pink/sweat and no facials/peels for 2 weeks. Please plan accordingly.


  • Come with your normal brow, eyeliner and/or lip makeup on so that we can see your day to day style for the desired procedure (no mascara please if doing eyeliner).

  • Bring brow/lip makeup so we can color match.

  • No alcohol 24 hrs before if you are getting a lip procedure.

  • If you are getting eyeliner done and wear contacts, please bring glasses.

  • If you plan on getting a dental block, please bring $50 cash or check.

  • No sweating/exertion the day of your procedure.

  • Please bring the remaining balance for your procedure in either cash or check. 


  • 5 weeks before- Do not use Latisse, GrandeLash or other eyelash growth products. Resume using 3 weeks after the procedure date.

  • If you have eyelash extensions, have them removed or time the procedure so it occurs right before you are due for a fill so you have the least amount of lashes possible.  


  • If you are getting lips done, please call your doctor, let he or she know and ask for a prescription for fever blisters. Follow your doctor’s dosage instructions.

  • Keep your lips hydrated with balm constantly beginning 6 weeks before the appointment. Also increase your water intake a week before. Dry, chapped lips don't take color well and you'll see a patchy/faded result.  


Since permanent makeup procedure times can vary from client to client, we always book the maximum amount of time that a client may require; we never want you to feel rushed during your appointment. For this reason, we ask that you arrive on time for your appointment, and anyone more than 15 minutes late may be required to reschedule and be charged a no show fee of $50-$100.

The first part of your appointment is the consultation during which we draw brows, eyeliner and/or lips, factoring in your facial anatomy and personal style. Usually this is done on one side of the face so that you can compare to your own makeup. You may then make any suggestions or comments to help us achieve your desired look. Once the shape is perfected, we will make the opposite side match so that they are as symmetrical as possible. Because your eyelids may crease or droop unevenly, brow hairs grow lower/higher and lips may be smaller or larger on one side versus the other, we spend a great deal of time to balance everything out, mask the flaws and bring out the absolute best in you.

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