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Rima grew up in the beauty business with her mother, Marion, as a guiding force. She is a professionally trained makeup artist but soon realized that nothing was more rewarding than making countless women feel beautiful and confident with permanent makeup. She decided to dedicate herself entirely to permanent makeup in 2008 and now teaches her blend of makeup artistry with permanent cosmetics techniques to her students. 

Rima loves to learn and has since taken countless classes, trainings, conferences and conventions to bring the latest techniques and products to Oklahoma. Below is a sampling of her education: 

  • Fluffy Brow Technique- Anita Abramo

  • Magg It Up Technique- Anita Abramo

  • Density 101- Scalp Micropigmentation- Pam Neighbors

  • America the Beautiful Conference 2019- Luminous Lips, Ombre Style Brows, Tattoo & PMU Fusion, Microblading, Inspirational Business, Winged Eyeliner, Tinted Lips, Marketing, Pigments: Iron Oxides vs. Organics, Brow Mapping, VelvetLiner- Variety of industry Leaders

  • Advanced Machine Techniques- Terry Lively

  • Combination Brows- Daria Chuprys

  • Science Behind the Ink- Permablend

  • Blade and Shade- Tina Davies

  • ColorPro Training Course- Marjorie Grimm

  • Bombre Brows- Brow Daddy

  • Combination Brows- James Olaya

  • Hand Method Microstroking Technique- Daria Chuprys

  • America the Beautiful Conference 2018- Pigment Removal, Ombre Shading, Aquarelle Lips, Skin Needling, Marketing for PMU, Bloodborne Pathogens, PMU Corrections, Ombre Magic Shading, Microblading + Machine Shading, Brow Mapping, Scalp Micropigmentation, Casual Style Eyeliner- Soft Shading, Techniques with the Xion S, Smokey Lash Enhancement, Feathered Machine Hairstrokes, Ombre Shading for Lips- Variety of industry Leaders

  • Skin: Our Living Canvas- Mariannthy Nicolaou

  • Hair Stroke Eyebrows- Mary Ritcherson

  • Shade & Strokes- Teryn Darling & Mary Ritcherson

  • Comprehensive Tattoo Lightening & Removal- Marjorie Grimm

  • Several SPCP Conferences & Conventions

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