• Over 13 years of full-time permanant makeup experience

  • Professionally trained makeup artist

  • Constant dedication to continuing education through several advanced training classes annually

  • Conservative, natural approach incorporating the client's style

  • Skilled in a variety of techniques from natural to dramatic based on your desired outcome.

Frequently asked questions


A completely customized experience tailored to your personal style, facial anatomy and lifestyle. First, Rima begins every appointment with a thorough consultation going over the procedure(s) you desire, the techniques available as well as pros and cons of each technique, customized color options and most importantly- an expertly shaped brow, eyeliner or lip design tailored to your specific desires. Rima likes to collaborate with her client until the ultimate shape and symmetry (as realistically as possible) is reached. Through this customized artistry process you will get to see, discuss and approve of everything before anything is tattooed. You can trust that as a veteran permanent makeup artist, she will be using the most advanced products/supplies so that her clients always have the best results. And as a professional makeup artist, Rima will always have her finger to the pulse of makeup trends so that you're getting a modern, current look.


Rima's goal is to not only give you beautiful, natural looking results but also to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Because of her extensive 10+ years of experience, she has a very special numbing technique for each procedure to minimize pain and swelling. Most of her clients experience little to no pain and say it's nothing like what they anticipated. Afterwards, She will go over aftercare to ensure you have an easy healing period (5-7 days, or 10-14 for microblading) and provide you with detailed printed instructions and ointment.​


Two to three months after the initial appointment, Rima likes to see all her clients back for a followup visit to assess the healed shape and color. At that appointment, anything that needs to be done- a spot touch/line added- will be taken care of at that appointment to ensure that everything looks perfect. It also gives the client time to assess the work and decide if they'd like to change the color to something darker or go more dramatic. After the followup, clients traditionally don't have to come back for anywhere from 1.5-10 years, depending on their retention. Eventually there will be a time when the work needs to be "refreshed" or perhaps the client simply wishes to change the color/style to something more current. Rima will begin the appointment with another consultation and detailed sketch incorporating your desires and begin the process again so that your work is always at it's best.


*Cash or check only on services

**Please visit our Policies page for information on booking and appointments** 

Brows- $550  

Rima will custom draw a gorgeous brow based on your style and facial anatomy and help you select one or a combination of techniques- Microblading, Machine "Fluffy" Hairstrokes, Powder, Shading/Feathering, Ombre, Solid or Male Hairstroke Eyebrows. 

Eyeliner- $550

Rima will custom draw the perfect liner based on your preferences and eyelid shape and help you select one or a combination of techniques- Solid, Smokey, Winged, Kitten Flick or Eyelash Enhancement. Subtract $50 for top only. 

Lips- $550 

Rima will custom draw full, sexy lips based on your style and lip anatomy and help you select one or a combination of techniques- Full Lip Color, Blending/Feathering, Ombre or Tinted Lips.  

Touch Up

Follow Up- $75

(up to 6 months; no charge if nothing is needed)


Color Boost-

$250-300 (up to 3 years)

$400 (3-4 years) 

$500 (4+ years)  

Please note that a procedure is only considered a touch up if it was done by either Marion or Rima. Due to Rima's demanding schedule, she is no longer doing consultations. We try to ensure that all the information is viewable online or available over the phone. 

K-12  Oklahoma Teacher Discount

$75 off new $550 procedure(s), $50 off new $450 procedure(s). Must show proof of employment as a teacher.