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Permanent Makeup


Our Experience = Your Success:

Using the shared 40 years of experience between Marion and Rima, Rima will provide a solid foundation of the artistry and technique of permanent cosmetics with a vast majority of time spent on hands-on training.  There will be a thorough analysis of an “ideal” eyebrow, eyeliner and lips and countless exercises and assignments to hone your skills.  From there, we will devote the rest of the time to tattooing and translating your art to skin via hygienic practice skins and then clients. Top of the line supplies and products are included in your tuition. You will receive hand-selected pro quality items that Marion and Rima use for all our procedures!     

In addition to the state licensing requirements, our students will receive the added benefit of Rima’s experience and learn the pro techniques and knowledge she has developed and acquired in her extensive career such as:

  1. Seeing permanent makeup with the eyes of a makeup artist! How to create the perfect brows, eyeliner and lips for each individual through step-by-step artistry training and assignments

  2. The keys to long lasting color

  3. How to be a versatile artist by creating designs and being knowledgeable in a variety of techniques ranging from dramatic to natural

    1. Solid, powdered and hair stroke (microblading and single needle) eyebrows

    2. Winged eyeliner, kitten flick and eyelash enhancement

    3. Blended lip liner, lipblend and full lips

    4. Male brow and eyeliner

  4. How to custom blend colors that complement each and every client

  5. Color Theory

  6. Needle Theory

  7. Client Management Skills

  8. Numbing techniques (topical)

  9. Proper aftercare for the various techniques 

  10. The best, hand-selected equipment and supplies available

  11. The most effective and affordable marketing techniques

We are thoroughly dedicated to providing the most up to date information. Every class session's curriculum is revised and updated to contain the latest information that Marion and Rima have gathered from their 4 + annual continuing/advanced education events. And even after graduation, we are always happy to share what we know with our students as we continue on the exciting journey of perpetual learning and growth together.  

100% Success Rate on the Oklahoma Licensing Exam!

After completing our course, the next step is to take the Medical Micropigmentation exam. We are very proud that our course has prepared all of our students (over 20 classes to date) to fulfill the requirements and pass the exam for licensure in Oklahoma!  

Course Details

Next Course Dates:   

       Rima has enrolled in a Master's Level program for Beauty Business Owners and will be taking a break from teaching to focus on her education. She will resume teaching in August 2024. If you'd like information on the course or to pre-enroll, please submit a request here. 

Class Days: Mondays, 9:00am - 5:00pm

Instructor: Rima Kay

Cost: $15,000. We are unable to offer financial aid at this time.

Supplies & Products: Included and yours to keep after the class. 

Students: Minimum of 3 required, but no more than 4. 

Clinical Procedures Required: 18. We can help advertise but it is still your responsibility to provide models.

Disclaimer: According to the Medical Micropigmentation laws for Oklahoma, you MUST work IN a doctor’s office (M.D., D.O. or D.D.S) when you perform permanent makeup. The doctor cannot “vouch for you” to work elsewhere, such as a salon.

For more information including an application, please submit a request here and specify it is for training

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