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During the Procedure

The procedure itself varies only slightly between brows, eyes and lips and will follow this general structure:

  1. The area is prepped with a topical anesthetic. This is allowed to sit for a moment to take effect.

  2. We prep our machine and will custom mix your pigment based on the consultation. We only use new, pre-sterilized needles and other disposables which will be removed from its packaging in front of you. For eyeliner and lips, the optional local anesthetic (shot) is then administered if requested.

  3. At this point we implant the permanent makeup pigments following the approved shape while you are reclined comfortably in a dental chair with pillows and blankets. This often takes between 30 minutes to one hour.


We do not offer local anesthetic (shot) for the brows; since it is directly above the bone, it will interfere with symmetry. The pain on the brows is very do-able and similar to tweezing. Throughout the procedure, we will continuously apply more topical anesthetic until you are 100% numb. Sometimes, the vibrations from our machine will make you want to sneeze when we are near your sinus cavity. It is perfectly normal for us to pause briefly while you sneeze and does not interfere with our ability to work.


Your eyes will be closed throughout the procedure. Contrary to popular belief, there is absolutely no reason to keep your eyes open while we apply pigment. If numbed, many clients may feel a slight tickling sensation. This is simply the effect of the vibration from our permanent makeup machine since you are completely numb to the pain. The (optional) shot is gently done on the outside of eyelid,
not underneath it.


Though some may feel that the lips would be the most sensitive, they actually rank second to the eyeliner. It is quite tolerable for most (approximately 75%) to do the lips with topical anesthetic alone. If however, you feel that you have a low tolerance or just don’t want to experience any pain, then the local anesthetic is for you. It is a full dental block so your lips will be so numb throughout the procedure that you can even take a nap, and will continue to be numb for about 3 hours afterwards so you experience minimal to no post-procedure soreness.

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