PLEASE READ Important Policy Information:

Due to high demand, both Marion and Rima are booked solid every day for 4-6 months in advance.  Our schedule is very structured and for this reason, we require a procedure deposit for all booked appointments which will be subtracted from the procedure price.  If the deposit is not received upon time of booking or within 7 days, your appointment will be cancelled without notice.

Cash or Check Only for Services:

Due to the rising amount of credit card fees we incur, we will no longer accept credit cards on services. We will still allow our clients to use credit cards for procedure deposits made over the phone and on product purchases. So for example, a client books an appointment over the phone and uses her/his credit card to pay for the $50 procedure deposit. On the day of the appointment, the client brings $350 cash, check or money order to pay for the balance on the procedure ($400 service - $50 deposit). The client sees our top selling papaw ointment and decides to try it, paying by credit card. Thank you for your understanding.

Procedure Deposits:

Procedure Deposits:   $50 Deposit for a new procedure appointment and any touchups over 6 months. $25 Deposit for 2 month follow ups.  (If nothing is needed at the appointment, then the deposit will be refunded.)

Rescheduling/Cancellation Policy:

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise.  Please understand that because permanent makeup appointments can range from 2-5 hours, such changes greatly impact your permanent makeup artist and other clients.  We ask that you give us at least 48 hour notice for rescheduling or cancellation of an appointment.  Anything within 48 hours will result in forfeiting your deposit and a new deposit must be made for future appointments.

No Show Policy:

If a client does not show up for their appointment, not only is their deposit forfeit but they must also pay for the procedure in full when rebooking.  There are no exceptions.



Now Offering Microblading Brows! Also known as Microstroking, 3D, or Feathered brows. $500 (see pics on our facebook page here)


Brows - $450 - $500

Solid Brows: $450 - full color, similar to pencil or heavy powder makeup. Powder Brows: $450 - sheer result, similar to shadow brow makeup. Microblading/Hair Strokes: $500 - very fine hair simulation to give you a beautiful shape without looking like you have any makeup on. Because of the gaps in between each hair, it's a very light, natural look and not good for women who like seeing more definition/color. Not recommended for women with very oily skin.

Eyeliner with Eyelash Enhancement - $450*

Eyelash enhancement is a fine line in between your lashes. It gives the appearance of a fuller, thicker lash line in addition to preventing the top eyeliner from looking like it's "floating above" the eyes. Some may consider this an extra procedure but for us, we want our eyeliner to pop so it is always included with every eyeliner!

Top Only Eyeliner with Eyelash Enhancement - $350*

*Very thick eyeliner may incur an additional charge.

Lip Liner - $350

We prefer to blend lipliners for a more soft and natural look, no matter the desired color. This procedure is best for clients who have a good base color but just need more definition. We custom blend all our colors, so anything from natural to dramatic we can do!

Lipblend - $450

Marion’s creation and our most popular lip procedure! It’s in-between liner and full lips so the result appears like you have liner, lipstick and a highlight without any work. This is best for clients who have pale lips or desire a strong shade. We custom blend all our colors, so anything from natural to dramatic we can do!

Correction - Varies

We specialize in correction work and have fixed everything including unflattering shapes and poor color. In our hands, anything can be corrected. Please call for a consultation.

Areola Repigmentation & Scar Camouflage - Varies

Please book a consultation so that we can discuss your needs.

Topical anesthetic - Included

All procedures include topical anesthetic unless otherwise stated.

Local anesthetic - $50 (Optional +$10 for laughing gas)

Available for eyeliner or lip procedures and will make the procedure area 100% numb instantly.

2-Month Follow-Up Visit - $50*

No charge if nothing is needed.

Estimated Touchup Prices for Marion Kay Institute Clients:

2-3 months: $50* Up to 2 years: $175* Up to 3 years: $275* After 3 years: $350* Hair Stroke/ Microblading Touchup: $225* (up to 2 years)  

Teacher Discount:

To show our appreciation to Oklahoma's hardworking teachers, we're offering discounts on all new procedures. $50 off $400 procedure(s), $25 off $300 procedure(s). Limited to K-12 teachers.

*Prices vary depending on the amount of work needing to be done. If you’d like to know the exact price, please schedule a consult and we’ll be able to assist you.
**Please note that a procedure is only considered a touchup if it was done by Marion or Rima. If it was done by someone else, we must consider it a new procedure/correction.

Consultations - No Charge

A consultation is included at the beginning of any new procedure appointment, since we have to draw and discuss color before beginning the procedure. Clients who are uncertain on whether permanent makeup is right for them are welcome to book a free 30 minute consultation. Please be respectful of your appointment and call in advance if you cannot make it or change your mind. We are booked 3+ months in advance and either come in early or stay late to help consult clients make a clear decision about permanent makeup. We currently are not taking deposits for consultations but if you No Show on your consult appointment, we will require a $25 deposit before allowing you to reschedule. There are no exceptions.

Makeup with Rima

We're sorry but due to Rima's demanding permanent makeup schedule, she is no longer accepting makeup clients at this time.

Facial with Marion

We’re sorry but Marion is no longer accepting new facial clients at this time.