Do I need to do anything special before my procedure?

Please visit here for all pre-procedure information.

How far out are you booked?

We tend to stay booked 8-10 weeks in advance, depending on the time of year. If you have a popular time frame in mind (spring break, Christmas break, etc.), please call asap since those dates book 4-6 months in advance.

Does it hurt?

Everyone is different, some people feel little to no pain (we have a very potent topical anesthetic), and others feel more. One thing to keep in mind is that the machine we use is not a tattoo gun so therefore is significantly less painful. We have mastered the art of using a rotary machine, which is specially designed for the delicate thin skin of the face, and that is why our clients have minimal swelling, pain and no chance of scarring or migration. And with our special technique, the colors actually last just as long if not longer. Concerning the Eyes and Lips, a local injection is available for $50 each procedure and will make the area 100% numb. It’s recommended especially for eyes to give you a more pleasant, pain-free experience and it also allows us to implant more color resulting in darker, longer-lasting eyeliner. As for lips, it is more tolerable than the eyes so only 1 in 4 clients will opt for a shot.

What can I expect the appointment to be like?

Please click here for detailed procedure information.

Do I have to keep my eye open? (Eyeliner)

Absolutely not! We have heard that some PM artists may do this during eyeliner, but we always do eyeliner with the eye closed. Also, the shot is gently done on the outside of eyelid, not underneath it (as we’ve also heard some do).

Can you make eyebrows look natural?

Yes, we are well versed in a variety of techniques — hairstrokes, feathering/blending and solid. With our knowledge of shaping and color, we can create looks so natural, no one can tell it’s permanent makeup! Also, we will never shave off your eyebrows. Instead we work with them to create the most natural and flattering look for you.

Testimonials (4)I’ve had permanent makeup before, but I’m not happy with the result. Can you fix it?

Permanent Makeup can be corrected. We use camouflage pigments and will custom blend them to match your skin tone. We have more experience with corrections than any other permanent makeup artist in the state. So as a result, we can fix anything. A pre-consultation is recommended for particularly "bad" work so we can show you how it will be corrected, give you a price quote and we'll know if any additional time is needed when booking the procedure appointment. 

Colors can also be corrected. Whether it is an old black that turned blue, or a brown that turned red, it can always be fixed. Since Marion and Rima custom blend each and every color for all their clients, they are color theory experts and can help you achieve a more natural appearance despite any previous work.

Can I drive myself?

Yes, you are perfectly fine to drive yourself home. For eyeliner, we have you rest in our office for 10-15 minutes with a cold pack and after that you are able to comfortably see and drive.

What kind of equipment/pigments do you use?

After 30 years of experience, Marion knows the keys to beautiful, long-lasting colors. We invest thousands to travel all over the US and attend various tradeshows to get the best hand-selected pigments and machines for our clients. We NEVER use Premier Pigments or machines, considering their history of recalls and cases of allergic reactions. So we pick and choose from the top, most respected companies. Ladies, you’ll understand this part: like with your own personal makeup collection which consists of several brands that provide you with the best result for each area, we too have a variety of brands since some have better results in certain areas than others. We pick the best of each company for each area to always give you the perfect result. Concerning machines, we are one of the few in Oklahoma that use a rotary machine. It’s the same implementation process as a tattoo gun but it is specially designed for the delicate thin skin of the face. This is how our clients have minimal swelling, pain and no chance of scarring or migration. And with our technique, the colors actually last just as long if not longer.

Pricing (3)Do you sedate / medicate?

No, we prefer you to be in your "right mind" during the consultation and procedure so that you can soundly approve of what you are getting, ask questions, etc. We have done plenty of corrections on people who were so medicated that they were very unhappy with their permanent makeup the following day.

What do you use to numb me?

The topical used in all procedures is lidocaine based. We also have a lidocaine with epinephrine for clients with a tendency to bleed more. The shot is xylocaine, which is the same anesthetic and technique used in a dental block (although you will feel significantly more numb than at a dentist visit, since the doctor is numbing your whole mouth and not just one side).

How long does it take to heal?

It can vary depending on each client's immune system but the average timeframe is 5 – 7 days. If you smoke, have diabetes or an autoimmune condition, expect to heal slower.

What can I expect during the healing process?

Brows: No redness or swelling. It will appear as if you filled them in darker than normal but once the scab flakes off, you will have the desired color. Eyeliner: Soreness comparable to a sunburn for 30 minutes to 2 hours after the procedure (You can use icepacks and/or over the counter pain medication). Minor swelling which is equivalent to crying the night before or allergies. After 24 – 48 hours, all the swelling should be gone and no one will know you had anything done. Lips: Soreness comparable to a sunburn for 30 minutes to 2 hours after the procedure (You can use icepacks and/or over- the-counter pain medication). Little to moderate swelling but the color will appear very bold, as if you applied an opaque lip stain. After 24 – 48 hours, all the swelling should be gone but the color will remain bold until the scab flakes off.

How long does your work last?FAQ (4)

Tons of variables affect this answer such as color selection, size, aftercare, sun exposure, anti-aging/anti-acne/exfoliating regimen, tanning, your metabolism/body chemistry and even your cellular regeneration rate. As a general rule of thumb, the darker and thicker it is, the longer it will last. And anything that causes your skin to dry out/slough off like tanning, anti-aging products, exfoliation will cause the pigments in your skin to fade faster. Below are estimate time frames of when we typically see our clients back for a touch-up.  
Blondes/Taupes: 1-3 years, 
Browns:- 2-5 years, 
Black: 4-15 years, 
Light to medium lip colors: 2-6 years, 
Medium to dark lip colors: 4-15 years

I'm concerned if I will have an allergic reaction to the pigments?

The pigments are made from naturally occurring minerals (ex. Iron Oxide). In 30 years, we have never had a client have an allergic reaction or sensitivity during an MRI with our pigments. If you are still concerned about being allergic, you can book a patch test where we test the color in an inconspicuous area and you can monitor if you have a reaction. The cost of this is simply $25 — the cost of our supplies.

What if I wear contacts?

We recommend you wear your contacts, even to an eyeliner procedure, and bring something to put them in. The reason is we want you to see what you will look like during the drawing, and if you don’t normally wear your glasses, it’s not a fair assessment to do your consultation with glasses. You can take your contacts out after the consult. You will be able to put them back in afterwards or wear glasses for the drive home.

I am on Blood Thinners …

We use an anesthetic with epinephrine for clients on blood thinners, which increases clotting. PM is safe for people on blood thinners, and you do not normally need to stop taking them. In a worst case scenario, excessive bleeding may make it slightly more difficult for the color to take and there is a higher chance of bruising. If you have further concerns about blood thinners, please check with your doctor.

I have another Medical Issue …

Marion and Rima are knowledgeable about most skin issues but it is always best to consult with your own doctor first and foremost.

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