Marion Kay Institute

Due to Rima expecting her first baby in 2017, we have decided to take a break from Beginner training.  In 2018 we will reassess whether we will resume teaching. If you would like to be contacted at that time, please leave a message here.  

Concerning Advanced training, we will still teach individuals who are already certified/licensed in permanent makeup. Please leave a message here with what you would like to learn and we will create a customized private training curriculum with either Rima or Marion. 


Permanent Makeup Artistry Course for Oklahoma Residents

Our Experience, Your Success Marion Kay is one of Oklahoma’s most prominent permanent makeup artists with more than thirty years of experience. She has done over 30,000 procedures for clients from all over the United States who travel to Oklahoma to see her personally. Rima Kay is Marion’s daughter and has inherited her keen eye. With nearly 10 years of full-time professional experience and over 9000 procedures, she is able to break down the complicated and technical aspects of permanent makeup into easily understood concepts for beginner students. Together, they create an ideal team and will teach students their balance of artistic intuition and technical prowess.   Our students will benefit from our experience as we share all of the tricks we have discovered in our dual careers such as:
  • The keys to long lasting color
  • How to create the perfect brows, eyeliner and lips for each individual through step by step artistry training and assignments
  • How to be a versatile artist by creating designs and being knowledgeable in a variety of techniques ranging from dramatic to natural
    • Solid, powdered and hairstroke (microblading and single needle) eyebrows
    • Winged eyeliner, kitten flick and eyelash enhancement
    • Blended lip liner, lipblend and full lips
    • Male brow and eyeliner
  • How to custom blend colors that complement each and every client
  • The best, hand-selected equipment and supplies available*
  • The most effective and affordable marketing techniques

Additional Benefits

In addition to the above “tricks of the trade,” we would also like to assist our students as much as possible.
  • We offer our students unlimited access to our Permanent Makeup Library, which consists of various instruction booklets and texts from leading Permanent Makeup companies compiled by Marion throughout her career as a Micropigmentologist.
  • Low student-to-teacher ratio
  • Client management & relationship skill building
  • Alumni updates on the latest advanced techniques and products — Free!
  • Past students are welcome to sit in on later courses if they want a refresher at no additional charge

Course Overview

Number of Students: 4 minimum Course Duration: 12 weeks (1 day a week), 300 hours (including home study) Tuition and Supply Cost: $10,500

Tuition & supply cost includes: Instruction, permanent makeup equipment and supplies, student insurance, doctor fees and the Careertech workbook. This does not include testing and licensure fees. At this time, we are unable to offer financial aid.

For other courses such advanced level training,

or if you would like additional information on our course above,

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